A Digital Trail

Welcome to 'Discover Bradford Cathedral' a digital trail of this Church of England (Anglican) cathedral, located in the centre of Bradford.

Each page of this blog is linked to a QR code that may be found in the Cathedral at a specific point, for example at the 'stairway to nowhere', the fragment of Saxon cross, the women's West Window, the door to the bell tower, the Peace Chapel, or the World War I Memorial Window. The QR codes may be read with a scanner on any mobile device or tablet that has this facility and will re-direct you immediately to a blog page that will provide more information about the area of the Cathedral that you are exploring.

The information on these blog pages is simple and is aimed at the none specialist visitor.  Should you wish for more detailed or academic information about the Cathedral, there is a range of well researched, detailed booklets and publications for sale in the shop area, located near the West Window.