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Why not design your own Cathedral guidebook?

Bradford Cathedral is a very special Christian place of worship, but it is also a place that welcomes people of all religions and none.

Lots of children and young people come to the Cathedral to learn about Christianity and the history and heritage of the oldest building in the centre of Bradford.

The Education Team need a guide book that will help our younger visitors to find out more about the Cathedral and the main features (important things), that they will see when they visit here. Can you help? 

You can download or print a guidebook template here. A Cathedral Guide Book

Use the ‘Discover Bradford Cathedral Blog’ find out and write about:

The History of the Cathedral
·       The Saxon cross
·       The shears
·       The woolsacks and the tower
·       The Memorial Bells
·       The World War I Memorial Window
·       The Cathedral logo.

A Christian Place of Worship
·       The font
·       The pulpit
·       The lectern
·       The stained glass windows
·       The Cathedra
·       The altar

Remember to include drawings and pictures in your guidebook.

When you have finished why not send your guidebook to the Education Team? Don't forget to include your name and age. 

Our email address is:
Our postal adress is: Bradford Cathedral, 1 Stott Hill, Bradford, BD1 4EH

A Cathedral Quiz

Using  the pages on this ‘Discover Bradford Cathedral Blog’ find the answers to our virtual quiz.

You can download or print the quiz here.    A Virtual Trail Quiz

All the answers are on the blog pages. Good luck!

Perhaps you can think of some questions of your own? 

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